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    Efficient search and comparison algorithms for 3D protein binding site retrieval and structure alignment from large-scale databases
    EGCG and voluntary exercise : an examination of treatment effects using the TgCRND8 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
    Empirically derived profiles of classroom management strategies and related student outcomes : a latent profile analysis
    Enabled and constrained : culture, ethics and structuration in an advertising agency
    Engagement of geographically diverse Head Start families
    Entrepreneurial leadership in higher education: Does the presidential career pathway make a difference?
    Essays on fluctuations of the crude oil price and the economy
    Essays on retail pricing
    Establishing the validity and reliability of the survey of higher education instructional practices in the Millennial Age
    Evaluation of human toenail as a non-invasive biomonitoring matrix for assessing human exposure to environmental organic pollutants by optimized sample prep and GCHRMS analysis
    Examination of a peer-mediated intervention as a method for the generalization of social skills among youth with high-functioning autism
    An examination of how principals lead instructional change in rural high schools
    The examination of participation in a community college peer mentoring program on social integration and academic success of first-time students
    An examination of the extracurricular activity participation, social skills, and school engagement of students with emotional and behavioral disorders
    Examining the achievement gap: the effectiveness of African American teachers instructing African American students in Kansas City Public Schools
    Experiential learning in hospitality management: An exploration of the knowledge, skills and abilities achieved in a hospitality management program internship
    An exploratory and descriptive inquiry into the relationship between the goals of general education and disciplinary content in acting for non-majors courses in colleges and universities in the United States
    Exploring collaborative culture and leadership in large high schools
    Exploring the lived psychosocial experience of elite national football league (NFL) players
    Extensions of a maximum entropy estimated Markov decision process in the United States agricultural economy