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    Face-to-face, online, and hybrid designs for mentoring
    Factors affecting abundance, physiology, and fine-scale genetic differentiation of the western slimy salamander (Plethodon albagula)
    Factors affecting teachers' participation in professional development activities in Turkey
    Feedlot cattle response to rumen undegradable protein and diet fiber level of high concentrate diets
    Financial risk attitude and behavior : do planners help increase consistency?
    Flow-induced micro- and nano-fiber suspensions in short-fiber reinforced composite materials processing
    The four day school week : a case study examining three stages of implementation
    Frames and projections
    Free or open access to scholarly documentation : Google Scholar or academic libraries
    From living apart, to living-apart-together :
    Fusion frame constructions and frame partitions
    Gene therapy in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy :
    Genetic and environmental influences on impulsivity and coping motives for alcohol across emerging and young adulthood
    Genetics and functional genomics of abscission
    Geo-tagging and privacy-preservation in mobile cloud computing
    Great Britain and Latin America: the Romantics and the informal empire
    Hierarchical nonlinear, multivariate, and spatially-dependent time-frequency functional methods
    High school physical education and sport participation: impact on young adult physical activity behaviors
    Hip hop culture's OGs: a narrative inquiry into the intersection of hip hop culture, black males and their schooling experiences
    Identification and characterization of network paths