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    Learning trajectories related to bivariate data in contemporary high school mathematics textbook series in the United States
    LIDAR data classification and compression
    Light scattering studies of organic field effect transistors
    Limit of many molecules dynamics with rigorous macroscopic results
    The lived experiences of individuals who have been technologically stalked by a past intimate : a hermeneutic phenomenological study through a Communication Privacy Management Theory lens
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts at the service limit state
    Magnetic-ferroelectric interactions in RMnO₃
    Making space for critical race theory within therapeutic settings :
    Many-body contributions to spin relaxation in semiconductors
    Measurement of coagulating silver and carbon aerosols using a tandem differential mobility analyzer
    Measurement of perceived conflict between members in American higher education merged library and information technology departments
    Measuring perceived self-efficacy of teachers' comprehensive response to youth suicide
    The mediated myth of rock and roll
    A mixed methods evaluation of a tool assessing Adult Learning Theory content in EHR training
    Modeling of environmental effects on thermal detection of subsurface damage for concrete bridges
    Motor neuron output in the crustacean cardiac ganglion is organized and maintained by homeostatic conductance relationships
    Motor unit characterization in canine degenerative myelopathy :
    Movement ecology of juvenile pond-breeding salamanders: implications for the management and conservation of amphibian populations
    Multi-frequency electrical impedance method for detection of viable micro-organisms, their quantification and their characterization
    The need for special education in kindergarten for children with developmental delays of unknown etiology : an analysis of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C and Part B preschool programs