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    The need for special education in kindergarten for children with developmental delays of unknown etiology : an analysis of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C and Part B preschool programs
    Neurons projecting to the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus are activated and contribute to cardiorespiratory responses to systemic acute hypoxia
    Neutron scattering studies of yttrium doped rare-earth hexagonal multiferroics
    Non-volatile liquid-film-embedded microfluidic valve for microscopic evaporation control and contactless bio-fluid delivery applications
    A noninvasive approach to understanding adaptation, crop raiding behavior, and the fecal microbiota of the African elephant
    The nonparametric analysis of interval-censored failure time data
    Not all forests are disturbed equally: population dynamics and resource selection of black-backed woodpeckers in the Black Hills, South Dakota
    older adults developing a preference for LAT
    On cross-domain social semantic learning
    Order in the marketplace : commercial organizations in antebellum St Louis
    Organizational identity of sorority women: the interplay of belonging, appearance, representation and institutional meaning
    Perceived progress, affect, and intensity : the role of approach-avoidance temperament and optimism in job search
    A phenomenological study of the relationship between deaf students in higher education and their sign language interpreters
    Photoacoustic detection of circulating tumor cells
    Physiological responses of adipose tissue to different models of physical activity and inactivity
    Plasmonic Au nanostructures for surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy
    Plasticity in lateral amygdala after Pavlovian fear conditioning-a computational study
    A policy analysis of Missouri's performance based teacher evaluation pilot
    Poor media, rich democracy : how economics and technology affect construction of news processes
    Predator diversity impacts herbivore abundance and behavior with cascading effects on the prevalence of a vector-borne plant pathogen