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    Three essays on educator labor markets : evidence from Missouri public schools
    Three essays on entrepreneurship and alternative economic development policies
    Two stage adaptive optimal design with applications to dose-finding clinical trials
    Two-plane wave tomography and lithospheric structure beneath eastern Tibet
    Understanding structure, function, and evolution of protein-protein interactions by computational modeling and analysis
    Understanding the significance of race in serving racial and ethnic women minorities
    Unheard voices of democracy: implications for leaders regarding high school students' perceptions of school safety measures
    Unpacking preservice agriculture teacher development through reflective awareness of stress: a mixed methods study
    Using problem-centered learning to foster argumentation in introductory sociology
    using SMN gene replacement to address biological questions
    Utilization of gold containing nanomaterials for targeted radiotherapeutic and diagnostic applications
    A utilization-focused evaluation of the Pathways to Reading program
    Vascular actions of insulin in cardiometabolic disease : effects of metformin, physical activity, and intrinsic aerobic fitness
    The view from the other side of the aisle : congressional party switchers and their environments
    Web analytics, social media, and the journalistic doxa : the impact of audience feedback on the evolving gatekeeping process
    Where is the L in STEM?: one teacher's integration experiences with literacy, science, and engineering
    Within and beyond immunomodulatory strategies against autoimmune diabetes : antigen-specific tolerance and endothelial regeneration
    Women of the northern stage : gender, nationality and identity and the work of Canadian women stage directors
    Yeoman justice :
    "You gotta man up and take care of it": masculinity, responsibility, and teen fatherhood