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    A magnetic fluid based thermal connector for avionics chassis [1]
    Molecular dynamics simulation of evaporation and explosive boiling over nanostructured surfaces [1]
    People re-identification over non-overlapping camera views [1]
    Polyurethane rigid foams modeling project [1]
    Preclinical evaluation of 177Lu-BBR2 antagonist radiothearpy of prostate cancer [1]
    Processing and properties of ready-to-cook tekwan [1]
    Projectile vibration analysis of an electromagnetic launcher [1]
    Properties of extruded snacks containing tomato and garlic [1]
    Recidivism and resource use by mental health patients in the emergency room [1]
    Robust control design for a proportional valve with backlash compensation [1]
    She's too pretty : how model attractiveness and social comparison impact consumer self-esteem and purchase intention [1]
    Shear strength of flue gas desulfurization by-product [1]
    Solids retention time-dependent phototrophic growth and microbial population dynamics in wastewater treatment [1]
    Statistical image analysis of photoactivated localization microscopy [1]
    Supercritical water gasification of waste residues [1]
    Theoretical evaluations of small-scale nuclear power systems [1]
    The use of a lysostaphin fusion protein as a dry-cow treatment for chronic Staphylococcus aureua mastitis in dairy cattle [1]
    The use of supercritical fluids to process biomass for fuel [1]
    Using the laryngeal adductor reflex to investigate swallowing [1]
    Written rules and practical matters on state public records laws [1]