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    Promoting cause sponsorship on corporate web sites: perceived control of navigation, natural fit, and created fit [1]
    Promoting public health: vaccine communication efforts across rural missouri [1]
    Promotional strategies of media startup companies [1]
    A pronunciation guide to Missouri place names (revised) [1]
    A Pronunciation Guide to Missouri Place-Names [1]
    The psychological effects of star rating numeracy cues and customer review feedback on information processing of electronic word-of-mouth [1]
    Public affairs, private lives : a study on the effect of Combat exposure on public affairs soldiers [1]
    Public relations among Christian, multi-national, non-profit organizations in Europe [1]
    Public schools in crisis: a content analysis of news framing since No Child Left Behind [1]
    The "public" in public records: Reporting on freedom of information as more than a professional tool [1]
    Public-powered journalism in local news reporting: public opinion research for local newsroom [1]
    Putting the best news forward: the influence of pressure to be a community booster on community newspaper gatekeepers [1]
    Putting theory to practice : a quasi-experimental test of a new model for experiential teaching and a case study in broadcast journalism education [1]
    A qualitative analysis of strengths and liabilities of former journalists in public relations roles [1]
    Qualitative analysis of the impact of a mass shooting on a broadcast journalist [1]
    A qualitative case study into the Toronto Star's electronic newspaper and its impact on newsroom practices and journalists [1]
    A qualitative study of factual correction requests for corporate reputation management [1]
    A quantitative analysis of image repair strategies in political sex scandals [1]
    A quantitative content analysis of errors and inaccuracies in Missouri newspaper information graphics [1]
    A quantitative content analysis of shifting dependency patterns in U.S. foreign news content [1]