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    Reshaping the "God beat" : how three community news websites frame religion [1]
    The resilience of journalists of color in newsroom management [1]
    Resources for tackling post-traumatic stress disorder in local newsrooms [1]
    Responding to racism : how specific communication strategies may decrease likelihood of boycotts, protests and uprisings [1]
    Responsibility framing and the Obama health care reform bill [1]
    The Responsibility of a Free Press [1]
    Rest in peace, press release : a case study exploring how adopting an audience-first editorial approach affects news production in a nontraditional newsroom [1]
    Retail Advertising and the Newspaper [1]
    Rethinking access to address the digital divide in news [1]
    Reviewing the image of the photojournalist in film: how ethical dilemmas shape stereotypes of the on-screen press photographer in motion pictures from 1954 to 2006 [1]
    Revisiting fund-raising encroachment of public relations in light of the theory of donor relations [1]
    A revolutionary heroine for the twentieth century : Sybil Ludington in media, myth, and American memory [1]
    Rick Santorum's Catholicism and wedge issues : a content analysis of religion coverage in major U.S. newspapers [1]
    The right way to be wrong : a search for the ideal online corrections policy [1]
    The rise and fall of fad diets: how the news media frame and represent the Atkins diet, 1972-2005 [1]
    Risky business: Using heuristic-systematic processing theory to understand consumer data privacy concerns in an online behavioral advertising context [1]
    The role of duty-based ethics in public relations: an ethical justification model for the actions of crisis communicators [1]
    The role of gender representations on craft beer labels [1]
    The role of photography in Peru's truth and reconciliation process [1]
    The role of product category involvement when stealing thunder during organizational crises [1]