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    Second class : local and elite media framing of poverty in the Appalachian opioid epidemic [1]
    Securitization as a theory of media effects : the contest over the framing of political violence [1]
    Seeing the news in a different way: An examination of news analysis articles [1]
    Seeking spoils from the millennial float : the emerging generation's implications for advertising ethics [1]
    Seeking the unheard voices of science : how science journalists consider diversity when finding sources [1]
    Self-defense, subversion and the status quo : four Tennessee newspapers assess the Columbia race riot of 1946 [1]
    Self-esteem's moderation of self-congruity effects on brand loyalty [1]
    A semester in "The Other Washington" with The Spokane Spokesman-Review [1]
    A sexual education : sex messages in Seventeen magazine [1]
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Arts Club Band : a gatekeeping analysis of how music journalists approach and understand their audiences [1]
    Shaping the conversation of women's health and reproductive rights : a textual analysis of Planned Parenthood's external communications and news coverage of women's health during the 2016 presidential election [1]
    She's too pretty : how model attractiveness and social comparison impact consumer self-esteem and purchase intention [1]
    Silence : the reasons why people may not communicate [1]
    Silence builds walls [1]
    Silent voices : the New York Times and the Washington Post coverage of the Rwandan genocide and the American response [1]
    Silicon valley and the new gatekeepers : an institutional view of journalism, technology, and social sharing of news / [1]
    "Sin mujeres no hay revolución" : transversal feminist politics in the digital mediated activism of the Argentine collective Ni una menos [1]
    The small community newspaper : its present-day possibilities and some suggestions ... [1]
    Small newspapers, big changes: awareness of market-driven journalism and consequences for community newspapers [1]
    A small town with big ideas : editing and designing the cuba mpw 68 photo book & how visual editing affects the audience's perception Of photographic content [1]