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    University of Missouri bulletin. Journalism series ; no. 183 [1]
    University reputation management : experimental study of the influence of identity and image on reputation and behavioral intentions [1]
    University website marketing discourse and the Hispanic audience [1]
    Upper-class women reading celebrity news : audience reception study on celebrity news viewed through the lens of class [1]
    Usability study shows MU Extension Style Guide website is usable and highly learnable [1]
    The use of infographics in newspapers' business reporting about global market swing [1]
    Use of narrative style in broadcast news [1]
    The use of Twitter as a news source in sports reporting [1]
    User-generated content as war and peace journalism in the wake of terror [1]
    The user-generated dilemma : can the ways in which media organizations publish audience contributions affect the way the audience feels about the site and their intention to contribute? [1]
    Uses & gratifications theory in online commenter culture [1]
    Uses and gratifications of wearable technology adoption [1]
    A uses and gratifications study of niche social network sites [1]
    Using conflict positioning as a pretreatment in the public's evaluation of crisis management [1]
    Using content analysis to examine the relationship between commercial and nonprofit organizations motives and consumer engagement on Facebook [1]
    Using Facebook for queering Islam [1]
    Using semi-structured interviews to examine how small clothing stores can effectively reach consumers through digital marketing [1]
    The utilization of information operations coupled with agenda setting and integrated marketing communication in the prevention of genocide, mass atrocities, and or mass killings [1]
    Utilizing graphics and supers to frame local news [1]
    The validity and craft of write-around celebrity magazine profiles [1]