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    Using content analysis to examine the relationship between commercial and nonprofit organizations motives and consumer engagement on Facebook [1]
    Using Facebook for queering Islam [1]
    Using semi-structured interviews to examine how small clothing stores can effectively reach consumers through digital marketing [1]
    The utilization of information operations coupled with agenda setting and integrated marketing communication in the prevention of genocide, mass atrocities, and or mass killings [1]
    Utilizing graphics and supers to frame local news [1]
    The validity and craft of write-around celebrity magazine profiles [1]
    The value of banner advertising on the web [1]
    Value-framing of issues in the 2004 presidential campaign by American newspapers in Russian [1]
    Vanity fair versus Santa Barbra magazine [1]
    Vanity fair vs. Santa Barbara magazine : how does national versus regional society and celebrity coverage differ specifically in depictions of food, wine and entertaining? [1]
    Views of the press and media strategies of Missouri state legislators: Statehouse reporter with the Jefferson City News Tribune [1]
    Views separated by time and terrain : the feminine perspective in the travel writings of Isabella Bird and Kira Salak [1]
    Viral video advertisements : uses and gratifications research [1]
    The virtual social capital of online communities : media use and motivations as predictors of online and offline engagement via six measures of community strength [1]
    Visibility of health news outlet attributions on facebook : outcomes for credibility perceptions and recall [1]
    Visit of the German Ambassador and the gift from the press of his country : to the School of Journalism of the University of Missouri [1]
    Visual depictions of gender in parenting magazines [1]
    Voracious villains or hungry heroes? Depictions of food critics in popular media [1]
    The Vulvodynia monologues: A look at agenda-setting and the effects of women's reproductive health among American women in print media [1]
    Walter Gregory Bryan : advertising's advertiser [1]