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    Communication in transit : a study of newsroom content management systems [1]
    Comparative framing of the Duggar family's women in entertainment news [1]
    Comparison of media portrayals of poverty in low-income versus affluent metropolitan areas [1]
    Comparisons between coverage of heart disease: content analysis of mainstream and black newspapers, 2004 [1]
    Competing fantasies of humans and machines: Symbolic convergences in artificial intelligence events coverage [1]
    Competitor and ally: the Texas Tribune's impact on a depleted Austin press corps [1]
    Concentration and consolidation : how chain ownership affects newspaper front-page content [1]
    Conflict positioning in crisis communication : integrating contingency stance with image repair strategies [1]
    Congress in the mass media : how the West Wing and traditional journalism frame Congressional power [1]
    Conjoint analysis for effective use of online video advertising on video sharing websites [1]
    Connecting clicks to context: National Geographic's contextual approach to covering environment issues in a digital era [1]
    Conscious branding [1]
    Constructing scarcity: a rhetorical analysis of natural resource journalism [1]
    Constructively managing conflict about open government : use of ombuds and other dispute resolution systems in state and federal sunshine laws [1]
    Consumers' social media advocacy behaviors of luxury brands : an explanatory framework / [1]
    A content analysis of covering Nepal : how reporting differs between international journalists and local journalists [1]
    A content analysis of reproductive health articles in and [1]
    A content analysis of sex articles in women's and men's lifestyle and health magazines [1]
    A content analysis of word choice in social media news coverage of mass shootings [1]
    A content analytic comparison of news frames in English- and Spanish-language newspapers [1]