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    What are Utah farmers' market shoppers willing to do to protect local agriculture? [1]
    What changes in media risk frames reveal about changing attitudes toward modern life: the case of the Greek Press, 1977-2004 [1]
    What do audience data mean to public audio and in the future? [1]
    What does 'fashion' look like : a study of fashion picture stereotypes in Washington community magazines [1]
    What happened after #StandwithWendy? The impact of social media campaigns on gendered framing in coverage of women candidates [1]
    What increases ad recgonition [sic]?: a content analysis to look at the impact of headlines, graphics and category on print advertising in an agricultural publication [1]
    What is it like to be a foreign journalist in China? : micro-documentaries of China-based journalists [1]
    What is taught in schools of journalism : an analysis of the curricula of the members of the American Association of Schools and Departments of Journalism [1]
    What we talk about when we talk about climate change : storytelling in the anthropocene [1]
    What's new? : a different way to describe innovators [1]
    What's the quality of breast cancer information you read online?: a comparative analysis of breast cancer information quality in commercial vs. nonprofit websites [1]
    What, you care? : the effective use of aversive evoking content in viral videos for advocacy group advertising [1]
    When hegemony prevails : a discourse analysis of two Korean newspapers during the 2008 financial crisis [1]
    When response is news : individual reactions to news websites that solicit reader opinion as moderated by need for closure [1]
    Where do we go from here? Exploring relationship dynamics in homeless families [1]
    Whitewashing Southern Living : the sociocultural significance of the 1966 magazine launch in Birmingham, Alabama [1]
    A whole new ballgame : how sports reporters view their role in a changing ecosystem [1]
    Whose man at his best? : a comparative study of masculine ideals in Esquire Middle East and the American Esquire [1]
    Why and how of narrative advertising : an integrated processing framework [1]
    Why do people post online? : an analysis of the online review posting (ORP) scale as an extension to the web motivation inventory (WMI) [1]