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    Creatively expressing advertising through culture [1]
    Creativity and change : how experience, environment and approach to creating advertisements have evolved for copywriters [1]
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers : do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility? [1]
    The credible brand model : the effects of ideological congruency and customer-based brand equity on media and message credibility [1]
    Crime against the body : an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news [1]
    Crisis communication : corporate social responsibility in Organizational Renewal Theory [1]
    Crisis communication, sports and twitter : how Baylor University and its fans used tweets to communicate during the 2015-2017 sexual assault scandal [1]
    The crisis response strategies of San Francisco 49ers during the national anthem crisis [1]
    The critic crisis : the contemporary theater critic in American journalism [1]
    Cross-cultural audience comprehension and engagement : a study of the effects of data visualization [1]
    Crossing the school house gates : a media access audit of public high schools [1]
    Crying in the wilderness : the outlaw and poet in Ben Hecht's militant Zionism [1]
    Cue the disgust: the effect of smoking cues and disgusting images in anti-tobacco advertisements on smokers' and nicotine-withdrawn smokers' psychophysiological responses, smoking urges, and intent to quit smoking [1]
    Cultural analysis of hero frames in American and North Korean media: focusing on tragedy and glorification [1]
    Cultural framing of diabetes from a public health perspective: a comparative content analysis [1]
    Cultural interpretation of pictorial metaphor in global advertising imagery [1]
    Cultural values, emotions and information : a comparison of webpages from two culturally different countries [1]
    Culturally conditioned privacy in online photosharing : a comparison between American and Chinese users of social network sites [1]
    A culture of audience engagement in the news industry [1]
    Culture of sex: sexual linguistics and discourse of Cosmopolitan editions in the United States, France and India [1]