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    Deskbook of the School of Journalism, 9th edition, 1928 [1]
    Development of the cartoon [1]
    Differences between Weibo discussion and Xinhue coverage of the Chinese boycott of the Japanese goods [1]
    Differences in processing of interactive infographics on different screen sizes and interface types [2]
    Diffusion of viral marketing into the world of public relations [1]
    Digital decisions in the newsroom : the conceptualizations of digital producers and how that affects engagement and brand of the media's digital platforms [1]
    A digital juggling act : a case study of new media's impact on the responsibilities of local television reporters [1]
    Digital privacy and security awareness [1]
    A directory of graduates and former students of the School of Journalism, University of Missouri, 9th edition [1]
    The discourse of outdoor food advertisements in Latino communities [1]
    Disease as drama: dramatistic constructs and models of redemption in covering illness in Glamour magazine [1]
    Do fonts have politics? : typography and design of partisan and nonpartisan websites [1]
    Do readers believe what they see? : reader acceptance of image manipulation [1]
    Documentary advertising and consumer perception of a brand : a case study of Dove Beauty's 'Selfie' advertisement [1]
    Documentary cinema and the fictions of reality [1]
    Documenting Trenton : editing and design of the 65th Missouri Photo Workshop photo book [1]
    Does being real pay off? : examining the impact of perceived authenticity in crisis communication [1]
    Does multimedia matter? An analysis of reader engagement in digital longform journalism [1]
    Does multimedia matter? An analysis of reader engagement in ditigal longform journalism [1]
    Does sex really matter? : the cognitive and emotional effects of sexual explicitness in video advertisements [1]