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    The effect of Jumbotron advertising on the experience of attending major league baseball games [1]
    Effect of localized national news on audience value perception [1]
    The effect of modality and response strategy on evaluations of credibility and reputation [1]
    The effect of self-disclosure in celebrity tweets on message processing, parasocial relationships, attitudes, and behavioral intentions [1]
    The Effect of Source On Agricultural Producers' Perceptions of Credibility [1]
    Effective policy reporting methods for television news [1]
    Effective spokespersons on Twitter : experimenting with how profile gender & network size impact user perceptions of credibility and social attraction [1]
    The effective use of music and branding in shaping consumer behavior [1]
    Effectiveness of health messages based on the transtheoretical model from a public campaign perspective [1]
    The effects of expected and unexpected experiential marketing promotions on brand image and brand loyalty [1]
    Effects of expressing emotion and altering loco color in organizational crisis responses [1]
    Effects of infographics in science communication : learning preferences and prior knowledge as moderators [1]
    Effects of journalism education on student engagement : a case study of a small-town scholastic press programe [1]
    Effects of levels of statistics and the role of number anxiety on perceived story credibility and personal involvement [1]
    The effects of media framing of political conflicts on party identification and political participation [1]
    Effects of message appeal and efficacy belief on perceptions of oral health messages [1]
    The effects of modality, English language proficiency, and length of stay on immigrants' learning from American news about politics [1]
    The effects of mortality-salience inducing direct-to-consumer prescription drug commercials on viewer attitude toward high and low status brands [1]
    The effects of new media for emergency tornado notification on the digital divide [1]
    The effects of online content structure on attention & memory: exploring optimal structure for news on corporate web sites [1]