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    How interactive infographics foster audience engagement
    How is reputation built in the U.S.? : the study of strategic communications best practices for adaptation in Russia
    How is reputation built in the United States
    How journalists shift toward engaging historically marginalized communities in the digital age
    How magazines are using redesigns as a tool to build a stronger relationship with their readerships
    How NBA teams use twitter as a brand management tool
    How people respond to advocacy messages: the impact of message source and media platform on attitude in a nonprofit environment
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    How small newspapers are innovating online
    How social media are changing the way business journalists do their jobs
    How sports audience build parasocial relationships with fans : a social media case study
    How the New York Times uses information graphics and data visualizations for hard news and soft news and to foster audience engagement
    How the relationship between public health information officers and journalists can affect media agenda-building : a coorientational approach
    How to create visual identity in publications: Vox Magazine and beyond
    How university public relations departments choose medical research to promote
    How we remember the 9/11 attacks changed in public radio talks from 2001 to 2011
    Humanitarian frames and humanitarian soft power in Darfur : advocacy frames in a humanitarian crisis
    Identities on the line : youth, internet use, and citizenship in Kyrgyzstan
    Identity crisis : the role of organizational culture in defining public affairs and its roles, missions, and value in the United States Marine Corps
    the ideology of online non-profit news sites