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    Linotype Operation and Printing
    The Linotype School : a series of courses planned to lay bases for careers in printing with emphasis given to the operation and care of linecasting machinery
    Linotype School : offset printing offers the door to your future
    Literary journalism on digital platforms: framing and the creation of meaning
    A little birdie told me: Diffusion and implementation of the innovation of Twitter in American metropolitan newsrooms
    Local broadcast news and OTT streaming services: the institutional obstacles from an on-air to digital transition
    Local Government and the Press
    Local journalism beyond the command post : journalists as strategic communicators and citizen stakeholders in natural disaster recovery
    Local TVs engage audience through Facebook : the practice and the effect
    A look at how newspaper editors and advertising sales executives communicate : where does the wall stand?
    Looking Ahead in Journalism
    Looking into the ‘Black Zones’: A study of life and hope in Burma
    The magazine framing of the 2009 Pittsburgh, PA G-20 protesters
    Magazine redesign and the magazine brand
    Magazines and branding : how Real Simple’s print, digital, and social content create a lifestyle brand
    Maintenance check list for linecasting machines, 2nd edition
    Making meaning of body-size diversity in magazines: a grounded theory analysis of reader comments
    Making movies that matter: how documentary films persuade viewers' beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors
    Making the Printed Picture
    Managing "Amazonia": a cultural case study of female leadership at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune