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    On parents, peers, administrators, and advisers: developing a system to understand self-censorship of controversial topics in the high school press
    On the 2016 campaign trail: how the media covered Hispanic and Latino candidates and candidates' use of Spanish
    An online disconnect : a case study of the effect of social media on a metropolitan newsroom's organizational culture
    Online feminist publications as social enterprises: Diversifying revenue streams through corporate social responsibility
    Online media as gatekeepers in the 2016 presidential debate
    Online media at western North Carolina community newspapers
    Online media attribution of pipeline infrastructure failure, sourcing and the public health model: a content analysis of news stories on water and wastewater pipeline failures
    Online news use of phablets, smartphones, tablets and personal computers : the influence of opinion leadership and demographics
    Online newspapers' visual character and perceptions of credibility
    Online technology, convergence and organizational transformation process in the a case study
    Opening doors : how independent photojournalists gain access to sensitive stories
    Optimizing omni-channel grocery shopping : marketing communications strategies for independent grocery retailers
    Organization of Journalists in Great Britain
    An organizational analysis of internally marketed branding strategies
    Organizational attachment of newspaper reporters: how professional sentiments come into play
    Our liberties we prize : eroding access and its impact on visual coverage of presidential campaigns
    Out of sight out of mind: factors in low levels of international news knowledge
    Out of the dark and into the light : a look into metal music and violence
    Overlooked in America: a framing analysis of U.S. newspapers' coverage of rural poverty, 2000-2010
    An Overview: Oral history in the journalism classroom