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    Picturing Dixieland: a qualitative analysis of early twenty-first century newspaper photojournalism in the American South
    Picturing the "other:" visual representations of the South Pacific
    Pitchfork media's textual and cultural impact on Rolling Stone magazine
    Players in the parasocial: Athletes impact on advertising through parasocial interactions
    Playing their game: changing American students' attitudes and sterotypes toward Palestinians and Israelis through video game play
    "Playing" With Your News: A Focus Group Study on "News Your Own Adventure"
    Point of view: examining the magazine industry standard
    Point, set, match: examining the impact of athlete endorser familiarity and endorser/product congruency on consumer attitudes, purchase intentions, and percieved [sic] endorser credibility
    Political reporters' self-perception on social media : a study of the Los Angeles times Washington Bureau
    Political reporting in the age of infotainment
    The politics of election coverage: a content analysis of Indiana's two largest newspapers during the 2008 presidential election
    Poor media, rich democracy : how economics and technology affect construction of news processes
    Popular media and profitable microfinance in India
    The portrayal and frequency of religion in secular rap music
    Potential benefits of social media in a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) event
    The power of advertising awards: a comparison of effectiveness between award-winning & none-award TV commercials
    The power of online product reviews: how platform and product involvement effect the credibility of eproduct reviews
    The power of video pitching in heathcare news stories
    Practical and ethical dilemmas in presenting investigative reporting through individual anecdotes and investigative reporting fellowship at the Oregonian
    Pre-purchase search vs. web surfing: effects of internet motives and ad relevance on psychological processing of online ads