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    The international news publications' coverage of China's recent economic slowdown [1]
    Internet regulations and independent news organizations in Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea [1]
    Intersecting parallels : examining the different factors that contribute to how Palestinian-Israeli and Israeli women view themselves and each other through the use of photo elicitations [1]
    The intersection of political activism and brand advertising [1]
    Interviews with founders of twenty-four-hour local cable news channels: why and how they started the business [1]
    Investigating at the Washington Post [1]
    Investigating inequality using computer-assisted reporting [1]
    Investigating the organizational decision making responsible for corporate social responsibility initiatives [1]
    Investigating the potential of visual news narratives to reduce mental illness stigma [1]
    Investigative reporting, digital security and source protection [1]
    Investing in newsrooms during the layoff era [1]
    Investor publications' reporting on the Great Recession of 2007-2009 [1]
    Irish newspapers and the Spanish Civil War [1]
    Is J--School worth it? Evaluating convergence students' preparation at the University of Missouri School of Journalism [1]
    Is seeing believing? : The effects of document cloud links on perceptions of credibility of news articles [1]
    Is there journalism without democracy? normative role conceptions and practices of journalists in an autocratic regime [1]
    Islam and the West : how do background and experience influence how photojournalists cover Muslims? Professional project in three parts [1]
    'It shouldn't have to be this way' : a focus group analysis of rape myths in Clery act timely warnings [1]
    It's about time : temporality in magazine feature stories [1]
    It's funny you should ask : an examination of professionals' perceptions of the use of humor in advertising [1]