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    Media coverage of the new economy [1]
    Media framing and conflict : a content analysis of the South Korean hostage case [1]
    Media framing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [1]
    Media industry employees weigh in on emotional intelligence and its effect on job satisfaction, loyalty and culture in organizations that have experienced staff reductions [1]
    A media outlet for the woman who loves sports: a qualitative analysis of ESPNW's portrayal of the female athlete [1]
    Media performance and democratic rule in East Africa : agenda setting and agenda building influences on public attitudes [1]
    Media usage of journalism students of the University of Missouri--Columbia [1]
    Media use amongst American expatriates in South Korea [1]
    Media vs. Government in Argentina: The Role English-Language News Plays in Today's Argentine Media Landscape [1]
    Media, racial minorities and the mindset of journalists : exploring the formula(s) used to tell crime/violence victim stories in minority communities [1]
    Mediated temporal consciousness: memory and concepts of time through engagement with online news archives [1]
    Mediating and moderating factors that affect health journalists' perceptions of conflict issues [1]
    A mediation model of the impact of for- and non-profit environmental advertising [1]
    Members of Congress respond to the political blogosphere [1]
    Men and sneakers : the importance of sneakers to the male sneaker enthusiast through function, fashion and personal [1]
    Message strategies and creative strategies of award-wining digital ads : an analysis of Addy Awards gold-winning digital [1]
    Messages of frugality and consumption in the Ladies' Home Journal : 1920s-1940s [1]
    Messaging in the target/feed campaign : the intersection of cause-related marketing and organizational rhetoric [1]
    METPRO : a case study in diversity and newspaper economics [1]
    Migrant mother, sister, daughter : women immigrants in the Bel Paese [1]