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    Backward in high heels: A critical discourse analysis of major news magazines covering Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign
    The balancing act of sex crimes reporting: A survey of journalists' responses to new standards for sexual assault coverage
    Baptist Press and the Baptist Faith and Message: framing women within denominational contexts
    Battle on the home front : a contingency approach to analyzing how an army unit communicates with families during a deployment
    The battle within : a mixed methods exploration into political journalism and role strain
    The beauty of celebrity endorsements : a study on audience reception of celebrity endorsed cosmetics with a view through the lens of upper-class and middle-class women
    Beer is for boys; wine is for women : how women perceive portrayed ideas of masculinity in alcohol advertising
    Beginnings of the Modern Newspaper
    Behind the screens: How magazines organize for digital success
    Being there : a study of American foreign correspondents in Brussels and an intership with Thomson Reuters
    Beliefs about individuals with disability as related to media portrayal of disability in Glee
    Believe it or not: youth and young adult female perceptions of the credibility of online multimedia messages
    The best of Ricardo Lopez: The ethics and expression of recorded memories in documentary filmmaking
    Betting on technology : the diffusion of mobile live-streaming apps within news startup actor-networks
    Between the Eagle and the Bear : coverage of U.S. - Russian foreign policy disputes in Russian ethnic media in the U.S.
    Between two worlds: Native American representation in print media
    Beyond political differences : the influence of exposure to disagreements and the mediating role of emotional responses on selective exposure
    Beyond the byline : the diffusion of convergence curriculum at journalism schools
    Beyond this place: documenting the visual history of African American fraternities and sororities
    Bioethicists in the news : the evolving role of bioethicists as expert sources in science and medical stories