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    The cable TV news industry at 30 years: time to change the model that changed broadcast news?
    The camel's nose and its rump : a talk on the steadily increasing amount of governmental regulation and restriction on advertising, 1957 Journalism Week, University of Missouri
    Campanilismo and its influences on Italian advertising
    Can journalists help prevent injustices?
    Can public relations professionals help span the boundaries between scientists and journalists, and does this function help increase accuracy of news articles about public health?
    Can women really have it all? : a textual analysis of the portrayal of mothers in Good housekeeping, Woman's day, and Family circle
    A case of documents in the cloud : what changes DocumentCloud brings to the practices of daily reporting
    Case studies of investigative non-profit and public radio collaborations
    A case study of NPR music
    A case study of Pittsburg Magazine : an analysis of the use of Facebook and Twitter from the perspective of magazine editors and readers
    Cashing in on girl power : the commodification of postfeminist ideals in advertising
    Castor oil and orange juice: how John H. Johnson fed news to black America
    Cause exhaustion : how the loss of potency affects brand attitudes and intentions
    The Censorship and Press Laws of Sixty Countries
    The challenges of reporting on poverty
    The changing job of journalism : the impact of new and social media use on job satisfaction in a television newsroom
    Changing lives, changing media : an investigation of the correlation between life transition and news media use
    Changing times in rural Alaska
    Checking the facts : behind the scenes with the unsung heroes of journalism
    Choosing your own adventure : hyperlinks and their effects on memory