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    The E-mail is Down! Using a 1940s method to analyze a 21st century problem [1]
    Ease the résistance : the role of narrative and other-referencing in attenuating psychological reactance to persuasive diabetes messages [1]
    Eat local, shop local ... give local: small nonprofits can capitalize on millennial cohort's core value of civic-mindedness by emphasizing local ties [1]
    Eco-labeled food : how environmentally-conscious consumers perceive, interpret, and use eco-labels as signals [1]
    Ecocentric framing of forest controversies in the Missouri Ozarks [1]
    An ecological systems approach to reduce children's encounters with obscenity on the internet [1]
    Editing and marketing a photography book [1]
    Editing for taste in a 24-hour news cycle : balancing immediacy and sensationalism against the role of the journalist in the case of Nodar Kumaritashvili [1]
    Editorial analytics : how a U.S. newspaper applies data to match target audiences [1]
    The Editorial Page [1]
    Editorial personality: factors that make editorial writers successful [1]
    Educational television in the United States : a survey of organizational and administrative television practices of school systems and institutions of higher learning [1]
    The effect of avatars on perceived credibility of comments posted to online news stories [1]
    The effect of brand name congruity and product category on consumers' attitudes toward brand names [1]
    The effect of game-day promotions on increasing game attendance and fan engagement for major league baseball teams [1]
    The effect of Jumbotron advertising on the experience of attending major league baseball games [1]
    Effect of localized national news on audience value perception [1]
    The effect of modality and response strategy on evaluations of credibility and reputation [1]
    The effect of self-disclosure in celebrity tweets on message processing, parasocial relationships, attitudes, and behavioral intentions [1]
    The Effect of Source On Agricultural Producers' Perceptions of Credibility [1]