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    The face of what came after : memorialization of September 11 in news images and the Shanksville site
    Facing the pressure : HIPAA hampers health reporting
    Factors influencing media use in the evacuation decision-making process during approaching cyclones in the Bahamas
    Federal reserve chairs in the news: in-depth interviews with financial reporters on their coverage of Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke
    Felicia the Goat : use of racialized characters in advertisements
    Female daily newspaper editors and their mentoring relationships: in-depth interviews from the executive chair
    Feminism, women and sitcoms... oh my! : feminist representation on the Donna Reed Show and Rosanne
    Fifty - Print Exhibition of News and Feature Pictures
    Fighting homophily, homosociability, and social capital: How women in advertising network
    Filling the statehouse void :
    Filmmakers' conception of authorship and corresponding effect on the ethics of representation in documentary film
    Finding readers in the blogosphere: A project building an audience for a blog at the intersection of mothering and beekeeping
    The First Annual Fifty-Print Exhibition of News and Feature Pictures
    Following the money : how salient is media ownership information to U.S. citizens?
    "The food is so good" : why consumers positively cope with product-harm crisis
    For distinguished work in journalism : Missouri's Honor Awards
    Foreign correspondence in the age of Trump
    Framing African genocide: location, time and gender in the coverage of genocide in Rwanda and Sudan
    Framing Ferguson: a content analysis of St. Louis news media coverage of the Ferguson protests
    Framing in community newspapers' coverage of local elections