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    Identities on the line : youth, internet use, and citizenship in Kyrgyzstan
    Identity crisis : the role of organizational culture in defining public affairs and its roles, missions, and value in the United States Marine Corps
    the ideology of online non-profit news sites
    Ideology of the air : communication policy and the public interest in the United States and Great Britain, 1896-1935
    If you are feeling confident enough, do not hesitate to reveal who you really are : extension of Baker, Honea, and Russell (2004)
    Illustration in Advertising
    The Imitation Phenomenon
    Immunize the vaccine rumors: Effects of inoculation messages and tone of voice on HPV vaccine compliance
    The impact of free newspapers on US markets
    The impact of gender on the use of metaphors in media reports covering the 2003 Gulf War in Iraq
    The impact of interactive media on community engagement : building support for K-12 public schools
    Impact of Privacy Exemptions in Open Records Laws on Computer-­‐assisted Reporting
    The impact of the 2015 refugee crisis on the international place brand of Hungary
    The impact of webpage complexity and photo intensity on processing of online news
    In front of the lens : the expectations, experiences, and reactions of visual journalism's subjects
    In Memoriam Walter Williams
    In self defense : black female journalists' advocacy in the Cold War
    In Sullivan's shadow : the use and abuse of libel law during the Civil Rights Movement
    In the high country : crafting long-form stories on recreation and the environment
    In-game promotions and their effects on sporting event attendees : a look at brand awareness and purchase behavior