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    "I can speak for myself." : #whitewednesdays, Iranian feminism, and hijab in media discourse [1]
    Identities on the line : youth, internet use, and citizenship in Kyrgyzstan [1]
    Identity crisis : the role of organizational culture in defining public affairs and its roles, missions, and value in the United States Marine Corps [1]
    the ideology of online non-profit news sites [1]
    Ideology of the air : communication policy and the public interest in the United States and Great Britain, 1896-1935 [1]
    "If he loves me, why doesn't he post me more?" : an examination of the perceptions men and women have of Instagram's influence on romantic relationships [1]
    If it feeds, it leads : eating, media, identity, and ecofeminist food journalism [1]
    If you are feeling confident enough, do not hesitate to reveal who you really are : extension of Baker, Honea, and Russell (2004) [1]
    Illustration in Advertising [1]
    Immunize the vaccine rumors: Effects of inoculation messages and tone of voice on HPV vaccine compliance [1]
    The impact of free newspapers on US markets [1]
    The impact of gender on the use of metaphors in media reports covering the 2003 Gulf War in Iraq [1]
    The impact of interactive media on community engagement : building support for K-12 public schools [1]
    The impact of modality : how multimedia elements influence audience cognitive and emotional response to news stories [1]
    Impact of Privacy Exemptions in Open Records Laws on Computer-­‐assisted Reporting [1]
    The impact of the 2015 refugee crisis on the international place brand of Hungary [1]
    The impact of webpage complexity and photo intensity on processing of online news [1]
    In front of the lens : the expectations, experiences, and reactions of visual journalism's subjects [1]
    In Memoriam Walter Williams [1]
    In self defense : black female journalists' advocacy in the Cold War [1]