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    Kappa Tau Alpha Research Awards [1]
    Kosovo's developing free press : how do newspapers in a transitioning society behave under international supervision and what role do they play in local elections? [1]
    The last line of defense: Journalism photo editors and mental health during times of trauma [1]
    Lasting legacies : a framing analysis of religion news online and in legacy media [1]
    Latinos in Missouri : the media role in the acculturation process [1]
    Law and the Newspaper [1]
    #LawrenceHive vs #TeamIssa: how Insecure fans use fandom communities to perform social and cultural identity [1]
    Lean and mean : determining how hiring multimedia journalists transforms communications teams [1]
    Lee Ester News Fellowship. How audience habits should influence the development of radio station web sites: A case study of Wisconsin public radio [1]
    Left behind : a textual analysis of media frames from national tv journalists covering Hurricane Katrina's evacuation centers [1]
    The legitimization by American newspapers of employees who are fired for social media posting or the employers who fired them : a framing analysis [1]
    Lessons from the financial crisis: what have we learned? Business journalists speak out [1]
    Let it breathe : social media musicking practices among Black women coping with mental health struggles during transboundary crisis [1]
    Let’s collab : exploring what makes collaborations in public media newsrooms succeed (or fail) [1]
    Life after injury witnessing injured Ukrainian soldiers coming home [1]
    Life and war in Korea : photographic portrayals of the Korean War in Life magazine, July 1950 - August 1953 [1]
    "Life is harder" : the perceived impact of a newspaper closure on community members [1]
    A life of process and progress: the influence of writer Donald M. Murray [1]
    LIFE, liberty & the pursuit of visual happiness : the development of documentary journalism, from magazine picture stories to Netflix serials [1]
    Lifestyle, economy, and coverage : a companion between four daily newspapers before, during and after the economic collapse [1]