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    Objectivity under fire: Media coverage of the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war [1]
    An observation of NPR member stations and how locally sourced stories give national influence [1]
    Of ads and apps: the influence of advertising on user attitudes toward tablet newspapers [1]
    Of course I'm going to have rose with lunch : an examination of alcohol consumption among food journalists [1]
    Of minorities, media and misinformation: A framing analysis of the U.S. news media coverage of the Wisconsin Sikh temple shootings [1]
    Offset printing ... offers the door to your future [1]
    Offset Printing, '65-'66 [1]
    Offset Printing, 1966 [1]
    On equity and authenticity: decolonizing imagery of nigeria [1]
    On parents, peers, administrators, and advisers : developing a system to understand self-censorship of controversial topics in the high school press [1]
    On the 2016 campaign trail : how the media covered Hispanic and Latino candidates and candidates' use of Spanish [1]
    An online disconnect : a case study of the effect of social media on a metropolitan newsroom's organizational culture [1]
    Online feminist publications as social enterprises: Diversifying revenue streams through corporate social responsibility [1]
    Online media as gatekeepers in the 2016 presidential debate [1]
    Online media at western North Carolina community newspapers [1]
    Online media attribution of pipeline infrastructure failure, sourcing and the public health model: a content analysis of news stories on water and wastewater pipeline failures [1]
    Online news use of phablets, smartphones, tablets and personal computers : the influence of opinion leadership and demographics [1]
    Online newspapers' visual character and perceptions of credibility [1]
    Online technology, convergence and organizational transformation process in the a case study [1]
    Opening doors : how independent photojournalists gain access to sensitive stories [1]