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    "Racism lives here" : racial ideologies in local news media coverage of student university protests
    Radio, radio: Building a public radio model to attract younger listeners
    Rape stories in Pakistan the flaws in the TV coverage : reasons and solutions
    Reaching beyond immediate followers : an examination of accidental discovery of information on the US Embassy's microblog in China
    Reader perception of the usefulness and credibility of journalistic automotive reviews
    The real people speak: public relations practices of Alaska native corporations
    The real world: frames of authenticity in features articles of leisure travel magazines
    The reality of celebrity journalism: a look at the changing presence of reality TV celebs in People magazine
    Recent Books for Jounralists
    Redefining community in the digital age: an examination of the physical and Facebook communities of Generation X
    Redesign to Reconnect: How magazines are using redesigns as a tool to build a stronger relationship with their readerships
    Reexamining advertising creativity : a qualitative examination of copywriters' perceptions of creativity in advertising
    Refresh: examining the production of celebrity news in an online environment
    Relationship counseling for advertising agencies and clients : a textual analysis of framing in trade publications
    Release, rewrite, recycle : how journalists take news releases and turn them into news
    Remembering Ali : a study of print media's framing of Muhammad Ali's death
    Renewal and complexities in corporate crisis: how do Chipotle utilize discourse of renewal in crisis communication?
    Reporting complex legal issues: an examination of the reportage on Citizens United and ACA
    Reporting from the front: a textual analysis of embedded reporting in the New York Times
    Reporting on Money in Politics During the Non-election Cycle