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    Women and the newspaper : from addresses and discussions by women editors, feature writers, advertising experts and women readers at the Fifteenth Annual Journalism Week with introduction by Sara L. Lockwood, Assistant Professor for Journalism
    Women in science: are portrayals on primetime television negative, and what are effects of exposure to such content?
    Women in sports journalism: hiring practices through a feminist lens
    "Women of Vision": how females lead photojournalism departments in a male-dominated field
    Words and rumors of words: comparative war rhetorics
    Working hard or hardly working : career-related magazine headlines and their relation to anxiety in female readers
    Working mom and domestic dad: a content analysis of gender role constructions in women's magazines of 1961 and 2011
    A world in flux : journalistic change in science journalism
    The world's journalism
    Worth pursuing? An analysis into the relevance of the newspaper endorsement
    Write on: a 50-year analysis of the role of the alternative press in three cities
    The Writer and the Publisher
    Writing to inspire : determining which stories prompt a hierarchy of social activism response
    Written by students in journalism : selected articles written by students in the School of Journalism, University of Missouri, as a part of their class work during 1926-27
    Written rules and practical matters on state public records laws
    "Written So You Can Understand It": The process and people behind creating an issue of Popular Mechanics
    Young blood: persuading young people to give blood by applying concepts of self-perception and social norms theories to recruitment ads
    Youth to youth: changing Palestinian-American images and stereotypes through online social networks
    Yukon government, social media use and the contingency theory of communication
    The Yun Gee Portrait