Items in this collection are the scholarly output of the Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum Facility faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • Identification of secondary science teachers' preconceptions related to avian influenza 

    Romine, William; Siegel, Marcelle A.; Roberts, Tina M. (National Association for Research in Science Teaching, 2009)
    How secondary science teachers understand infectious disease and disease transmission has an important impact on the public. This study analyzed the conceptions of ten secondary science teacher participants in the Maps in ...
  • Determining and Responding to Teacher Professional Development Needs 

    Chval, Kathryn B. (Kathryn Bouchard) (2008)
    Though prior efforts described in the research base emphasized the importance of professional development for the purposes of elevating teacher knowledge and practice, the school improvement and leadership literature ...
  • Boletín de FICOM 

    Chávez-López, Óscar, 1963-; Alfaro, Javier; Bosch Giral, Carlos; Escalera, Alicia; González, Marcela (2000)
    Newsletter for Spanish-speaking junior high-school mathematics teachers involved in mathematics clubs or mathematics competitions. Published during 2000 and 2001. Newsletters are in Spanish.