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  • PAPNUM (version 2.0) a finite element modeling and preprocessing system 

    West, Robert L. Jr. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1984)
    "Finite Element Method: Traditionally, the analysis of structural, heat transfer or fluid flow problems involved obtaining a solution to complex governing differential and/or integral equations. In the process of trying ...
  • Transient natural convection in a fluid saturated heat generating porous media 

    Sukow, Bruce Edward (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1983)
    "Introduction: Flows which are generated entirely by the action of bouyancy forces on fluids with density variations due to heating are referred to as natural or free-convection flows. Convection in a fluid saturated porous ...
  • Updating methods for adaptive econometric models 

    Sanchez, Manuel (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1979)
    "Objectives: This study examines the problem of updating the structure of simultaneous equations models of the agricultural sector. The topic is specialized as updating is assumed to take place in the structure. In light ...
  • A pilot testing of ERHAP : elderly resident housing assessment program 

    Ray, Susan Marie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1987)
    This study is part of a larger ongoing line of inquiry to develop information useful in promoting the independence of elderly individuals in their homes. This study utilizes an artificial intelligence system to develop an ...
  • Binders for coal log extrudates 

    Nika, Kyriaki A. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1988)
    The main purposes of this study are to determine binders that will economically produce coal logs, their compressive strength and water adsorption characteristics, and the effectiveness of sorbents to reduce sulfur oxide ...
  • PAPNUM (version 3.0) a finite element modeling and preprocessing system 

    Ladwig, Donald R. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1985)
    "The purpose of this study is to develop the automated modeling of NASTRAN [2] Rod and Bar elements in the finite element modeling program PAPNUM, which includes the defini­ tion of the geometry and structural properties ...
  • Feedforward control of a distillation column 

    Peng, Yi-Man (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1980)
    "The primary objective of any distillation system is to deliver products of consistent quality. Since the recovery time of industrial sized columns is generally very long, distillation columns controlled only by feedback ...
  • Sensory attributes and B-vitamin content of top round steaks cooked by forced-air convection, conventional, and microwave-convection ovens 

    Payton, Jennifer (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1985)
    "Microwave ovens have been available since the 1950’s. It has been projected that by the end of 1985, one half of the households in the United States will have a microwave oven (Anon, 1984a). A new appliance, which utilizes ...
  • Government policy and decision making : impact on commodity price formation 

    Mergen, David J. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1982)
    "The government has consistently been heavily involved in U.S. agriculture. Feed grain and wheat commodity programs have been in effect every year since their introduction in the 1930's. Since 1938, all programs have ...
  • A word geography of Missouri 

    Faries, Rachel Bernice (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1967)
    "THE PROBLEM: BACKGROUND AND PRESENTATION: From the vantage of the sixth decade of the twentieth century, it does indeed seem strange that dialect study was for such a long time virtually nonexistent in the United States. ...
  • A study of the distribution of dead and resorbing embryos in the rat uterus 

    Hubbard, Sally Lynn (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1961)
    "The characteristic method of elimination of a dead embryo from the uterus of a polytocous animal is by resorption. This involves an enzymatic digestion of the dead embryo la situ, the products of digestion being eliminated ...
  • The effects of drought on farm production in the Umniati area of Zimbabwe. A descriptive study. 

    Homewood, Godfrey H. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1984)
    "Objectives: The overall objective of this paper is to document peasant farmers management response to drought conditions. The specific objectives are to: 1. Determine if crop mixes shifted from drought prone to drought ...
  • Reproduction and behavior in the Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus 

    Cartwright, Anne F. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1968)
    "The Subfamily Gerbillinae is composed of ten genera (Simpson, 1945) and approximately 102 species. Representatives of this group are found throughout Africa, Central Asia, and Asia Minor. Within their range gerbils are ...
  • On the cryoaggregation of bovine serum albumin 

    Goodin, Richard Allen (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1969)
    It has often been observed that freezing plant tissues results in denaturation and precipitation of the plant proteins. The low temperature denaturation of proteins has been termed cryodenaturation, and, it is similarly ...
  • Cambial development in Polygonum L. 

    Carr, John E. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1967)
    Serial tangential sections of the secondary xylem of four species in the genus Polygonum were utilized to study developmental changes occurring in the vascular cambia of these unstudied herbs. All species conformed to the ...
  • Studies of population development in cultures of Escherichia coli 

    Berlin, Jerry Dean (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1961)
    The bacterial growth curve, or more precisely, the bacterial population curve, ie generally considered to consist of eight distinct phases. These are: (1) the Initial Stationary Phase, in which no multiplication occurs but ...
  • A history of the hemp industry in Missouri 

    Easton, Miles W. (University of Missouri., 1938)
    Hemp, one of the oldest known fiber plants was cultivated in China and India as early as 500 A. D. With the rise of civilization and the development of those activities that create a demand for this fiber, the hemp culture ...
  • Response of two age groups to muffins baked by microwave and conventional ovens 

    Morse, Janet Larue (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1983)
    "Microwave ovens are increasing in popularity because of speed and energy savings in cooking foods. The appearance of many products cooked by microwaves differs from that of conventionally baked products. Because microwaves ...
  • An introduction to the short fiction of H. E. Bates 

    Vannatta, Dennis P. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1978)
    This dissertation offers an extensive introduction to the short fiction of H. E. Bates, a writer whose short stories and novellas have been praised as some of the finest produced by a British author in the twentieth century. ...
  • The transcendentalism of Samuel Taylor Coleridge 

    Pachori, Satya Sheel (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1969)
    In this dissertation I have attempted to give an adequate treatment to the transcendental philosophy of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which was not as much social, political, and spiritual, as epistemological. Coleridge sought ...

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