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    Broadening the perspective on employee absenteeism : the effects of work group and nonwork factors [1]
    Bromine photoelimination from organoplatinum(IV) complexes [1]
    The brown adipose tissue phenoype : metabolic implications [1]
    The brown glass ceiling? A qualitative study of Hispanic women/Latinas leaders in higher education [1]
    Browning and the Florentine Renaissance [1]
    BTrCP is required for HIV-1 Vpu modulation of CD4, GaLV Env, and BST-2/Tetherin [1]
    The Bucareli Conference and United States-Mexican relations [1]
    The Buddha said that Buddha said so: a translation and analysis of "Purvayogaparivarta" from the Ratnaketu dharani sutra [1]
    Budgeting charity : a historical perspective on the Kansas Orphans' Home [1]
    Building a media agenda on health disparities : how issue perceptions and news values work to influence effectiveness [1]
    Building better wetlands for amphibians : investigating the roles of engineered wetland features and mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) on amphibian abundance and reproductive success [1]
    Building bridges between us and them : cultivating inclusive attitudes toward immigrants through global citizenship education [1]
    Building environmentally-aware classifiers on streaming data [1]
    Building hybrid multicast by combining IP and application layers [1]
    Building professional learning community in a rural school district : an evaluative inquiry [1]
    Building shape-shifting tries for fast IP lookup [1]
    Building the best : a quantitative evaluation of a state-level teacher retention strategy designed to increase self-efficacy, reflective capacity, and job satisfaction through effective professional development [1]
    Building the future: newspaper culture and innovation [1]
    Building Wal-Mart with resistance: community political action against a new Wal-Mart supercenter [1]
    Built to measure : reconstructing an ancient measurement system from extant architecture at Casas Grandes [1]