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    Unintended pregnancy among Christian women : the influence of religious factors and educational goals in resolution decisions and post-pregnancy adjustment [1]
    A unique way to form a vesicle: aminopeptidase 1 aggregation and its binding to receptor ATG19 for recruitment of autophagic proteins to form a vesicle in the cytoplasm-to-vacuole-targeting pathway in yeast [1]
    Uniqueness theorems for non-symmetric convex bodies [1]
    Universal blood : the life stream all four one and one for all : an enzymatic methodology creating a universal blood supply [1]
    University of Missouri as a centralizing factor in the educational activities of the state [1]
    University reputation management : experimental study of the influence of identity and image on reputation and behavioral intentions [1]
    University student indigenous intercultural sensitivity and short-term study abroad [1]
    University students' intercultural sensitivity emergence using a DMIS-oriented intercultural seminar with an intercultural development support website (EPSS approach) [1]
    University website marketing discourse and the Hispanic audience [1]
    Unlearning the narrative: integrating relationship science and machine learning to identify the determinants of African American adults' romantic relationship satisfaction [1]
    The unnamed characters in Shakespeare's plays [1]
    Unobtrusive, in-home gait measurement, fall risk assessment, and fall detection using depth imagery [1]
    Unpacking middle school achievement: how students perceive the effect of home, school, and community influences on their academic success [1]
    Unpacking preservice agriculture teacher development through reflective awareness of stress: a mixed methods study [1]
    Unpaved road detection using optimized log Gabor filter banks [1]
    Unprecedented wave control with active elastic metamaterials [1]
    Unraveling the fluid-present metamorphism of schists from garnet compositions in the Black Hills, South Dakota [1]
    Unraveling the role of the endogenous complex gut microbiota in the Pirc rat model of human colon cancer [1]
    Unstructured road detection in color imagery for the purpose of the automatic detection of explosive devices [1]
    Untangling the knot: the theory generation, irony, and neoliberalism [1]