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    Diversification in plant feeding insects: patterns of host-plant specialization and mating signal evolution inferred from species-level phylogeny and population genetics
    Diversionary diplomacy: domestic political effects on US-directed foreign policy in Russia
    Diversity & cultural competence in an academic health center: Organizational leadership in a complex system
    Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in tributaries of the jacks fork and current rivers, Ozark national scenic riverways, Missouri and efficacy of springfed tributaries as refugia
    Diversity within: a parenting measure for immigrant Mexican American mothers
    Divine appointments: living life with maximum impact
    The division of moral labor : prospects, problems and progress in examining the moral status/social category relationship
    Divorced fathers' perceptions of parental disclosures to children
    Divorced mothers of children managing type 1 diabetes
    DLC1 as a comparative epigenetic biomarker for radiotherapy of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
    DNA insulator minimizing interactions between adjacent transgenes, transcriptomes contrasting callus induction of somatic embryogenesis in maize B73
    DNA interstrand crosslinks arising from DAN strand breaks at true abasic sites in duplex DNA
    DNA methylation in the early porcine embryo
    Do first and second year teachers feel prepared?: an evaluation of a standards based teacher preparation program
    Do fonts have politics? Typography and design of partisan and nonpartisan websites
    Do industry specialist auditors enforce more conservative recognition of long-lived asset impairments?
    Do infants selectively imitate a transitive and an intransitive agent?
    Do my eyes deceive me?: “Acts of Sight” in Naomi Iizuka’s Polaroid Stories, Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West, War of the Worlds, and Good Kids
    Do principal evaluations of instruction capture student perceptions of teacher social support and academic press? An examination of the network for educator effectiveness instruments for measuring teacher effectiveness.
    Do readers believe what they see?: reader acceptance of image manipulation