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    From Norwegian invasion to Anglo-Saxon Rebellion : forging memories of Conquest England, c. 1066-1235 [1]
    From race records to rock 'n' roll : Elvis, Sun, and the production of culture perspective [1]
    From research to relationship : towards affinity-based scholarship and indigenous community empowerment [1]
    From service design to delivery : integrating marketing and operations in the service unit [1]
    From Stonewall to millennium : Lesbian representation in three representative Late 20th-century plays by American women. [1]
    From the margins to the majority: portrayal of hispanic immigrants in the Garden Ciy (Kan.) Telegram, 1980-2000 [1]
    From trade to international conflict : seeking empirical and theoretical convergence [1]
    From unique killers to a jumbo genome - isolation and characterization of phages that infect the plant pathogen, Agrobacterium tumefaciens [1]
    The front in flux : examining the relationship between African American population and front-page news depictions [1]
    The frontier myth and the frontier thesis in contemporary genre fiction [1]
    Frustrated desire and controlling fictions : the natural world in ancient pastoral literature and art [1]
    Fuel depletion analyses at the Missouri University Research Reactor [1]
    Fuel handling accident analysis for the university of Missouri research reactors high enriched uranium to low enriched uranium fuel conversion initiative [1]
    Fuel management considerations in Caribbean pine forests of the mountain pine ridge of Belize, Central America [1]
    Full Bayesian models for paired RNA-seq data and Bayesian equivalence test [1]
    Full similarity-based page ranking [1]
    Function and gene expression of circulating neutrophils in dairy cows : impact of micronutrient supplementation [1]
    Function of abscisic acid in maintenance of maize primary root growth under water deficit [1]
    The function of literature in secondary education [1]
    Function-based condition indexing for guyed communication towers [1]