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    High strain rate behavior of graphene reinforced polyurethane composites
    High throughput profiling of transcription factors involved in soybean root growth under water deficit
    High valent uranium dioxo and imido complexes : synthesis and structure
    A high voltage piezoelectric transformer for active interrogation
    High-accuracy skin lesion segmentation and size determination
    High-speed non-invasive thermal analysis of high-power light-emitting diode arrays
    High-speed, high-accuracy method for mutual inductance calculations
    High-throughput analysis and advanced search for visually-observed phenotypes
    High-throughput visual knowledge analysis and retrieval in big data ecosystems
    Higher education funding in Missouri
    Higher-order thinking in the high-stakes accountability era : linking student engagement and standardized test performance
    Hillary Clinton's political campaign communication in the interactive Facebook world
    Hip hop culture's OGs: a narrative inquiry into the intersection of hip hop culture, black males and their schooling experiences
    Hispanic parental involvement in school : perspectives of parents and educators
    The histogram of partitioned localized image textures
    A histological study of the marsupium of the unionidae
    The histology of voluntary muscle in cattle and changes which occur during fattening
    Histone H3 phosphorylation and phosphoacetylation in the liver of rats treated in vivo with acute ethanol
    Historical data in the study of present-day problems
    Historical landscape interactions and patterns of invasion by subterranean termites (Isoptera: Reticulitermes) in subdivisions of different ages