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    Groundwater vulnerability to agrochemicals: a GIS-based DRASTIC model analysis of Carroll, Chariton, and Saline counties, Missouri USA [1]
    Group contribution modeling of physical properties during urethane reaction [1]
    Groupoids and semigroupoids [1]
    The growing power of the governor [1]
    Growing up consumer : representations of adult culture in contemporary American children's magazines [1]
    Growing ZnO nanowires through electrochemical deposition for spintronic applications with metal-insulator-metal structures as tunnel junctions [1]
    Growth and volatility in inter- and intra-national data [1]
    Growth characteristics of Dekkera Bruxellensis during grape wine fermentation [1]
    The growth of school mathematics : Korean secondary gifted students' collaborative problem solving using the Wiki [1]
    The growth period in the spermatogenesis of anax junius [1]
    Growth, nitrogen utilization, and energy production of grain and switchgrass management systems on varying topsoil depth of claypan soils [1]
    Growth, performance and quality attributes of steers supplemented with high oleic soybean oil [1]
    Growth, photosynthesis, and carbohydrate dynamics of cotton during early development [1]
    "Guarding Innocence" : age of consent, gender, and progressivism [1]
    Guarding the preaching and the faith : kerygma and the rule of the truth from Paul to the Nicene creed [1]
    Guest perceptions of wait times using tablet technology in restaurant environment [1]
    GUI for debugging and development of reconfigurable, evolving systems enabled by embedded hardware blocks [1]
    Guideline for implementing quality control and quality assurance for bridge inspection [1]
    Gut feelings and goal pursuit : a path to self-concordance [1]
    The Gutzwiller variational method for strongly correlated systems [1]