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    Gold star motherhood: spectacle, emotion, and identity construction [1]
    Gold-catalyzed generation of vinylthionium ions and the development of an organocatalytic, asymmetric (4+3)-cycloaddition reaction [1]
    Gold-coated lanthanide phosphate nanoparticles for targeted radiotherapy [1]
    Golden-cheeked warbler nest success and nest predators in urban and rural landscapes [1]
    The Good Behavior Game in an alternative education setting : impact on student and teacher behavior and the process of implementation [1]
    "A good line of advertising:" the historical development of children's advertising as reflected in St. Nicholas Magazine, 1873-1905 [1]
    A good mate inspires loyalty : relationship quality moderates an ovulatory phase shift in romantic relationship feelings [1]
    The good news : measuring the impact of religious words in mass media communication [1]
    The good, the bad, and the ugly : divorced mothers' experiences with coparenting [1]
    Google Scholar and meta descriptions : does adding abstracts to a search engine results page aid in undergraduate document triage efficiency? [1]
    Gothic art and German modernism: Max Beckmann and "Transzendente objektivitat" [1]
    Gothic mutability : the flux of form and the creation of fear [1]
    Government controls of American correspondents in China [1]
    GPS measurements of present day crustal deformation within the Lebanese Restraining Bend along the Dead Sea Transform [1]
    Grade 4-6 student conceptions and utilization of informal and formal variable representations across mathematically equivalent tasks [1]
    The graduate student novel: a new subgenre in university fiction [1]
    Graduates' and employers' perceptions of entry-level employability skills needed by Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources graduates [1]
    Grain yield and greenhouse gas emissions from organic and conventional cropping systems on claypan soil landscapes [1]
    Grammar and cognitive processing of news articles : exploring dual-processing theories [1]
    Granular particle packing process study using DEM method [1]