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    Loss of afferent input alters voltage gated ion channel and neuromodulator receptor expression in crustacean and mammalian neurons
    Lossless data compression of monitored power signals using the PLHaar Transform
    The lost cause of Southern Country Club : an ethnographic study
    Lost in translation? : transformations of federal policy intentions for effective professional development in statewide policy
    Love will never be rationed : World War II bridal apparel
    Love, loss and what I wrote: an ethnographic study of personal writing in a textile and apparel management course
    Low cost framework for non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) to monitor human behavioral pattern
    Low dielectric constant-based organic field-effect transistors and metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitors
    Low loss film bulk acoustic resonator in liquid environments
    Low temperature survival of 'Redhaven' peach floral buds on selected rootstocks
    Low-intensity blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury : linking blast physics to biological outcomes
    Low-temperature sintering and fabrication research of ceramics and numerical simulation on elastic, pressure drop and heat transfer properties of open cell foams
    LRFD for settlement analyses of shallow foundations and embankments-developed resistance factors for consolidation settlement analyses
    Lt. Claggett Wilson, queer masculinity, and the formation of American modernism
    Lucky to be alive : scarcity effects on evaluation of life
    Lugar de las culturas indígenas Mexicanas en el pensamiento de Octavio Paz
    Lumbosacral transitional vertebrae: classification of variation and association with low back pain
    Luther uber literatur : I. Seine gedanken uber deutsche dichtung
    Luxury marketing : the impact of motivations as psychological forces on attitudes toward luxury restaurants
    Machine learning methods for 3D object classification and segmentation