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    Housing conditions in St. Louis [1]
    Housing subsidy and self-perception of well-being : does housing subsidy make a difference in residents' perception of their physical and mental health? [1]
    A housing survey of Columbia, Missouri [1]
    how a conflict can be framed by the media [1]
    How a principal's action as an invitational leader with a social justice orientation can serve as a factor in recruiting and reciprocally retaining teachers at high-poverty, high-minority, high needs urban high schools [1]
    How and in what context do osteopathic medical students learn about interprofessional practice [1]
    How are Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) contacts and officers created and retained? What impact does their career paths have on open government principles such as FOIA directives, policies and guidelines communicated by the President of the United States and the Attorney General? [1]
    How brands engage with college students [1]
    How can they remember it? : the effect of presentation format and information density on mulitmedia message processing [1]
    How communication impacts network structure and access to community social capital [1]
    How country of manufacturing and sweatshop free information affects online apparel consumers' perceived quality, value and purchase intention [1]
    How depictions of race and a magazine's mission have changed over time: a summative content analysis of cosmopolitan magazine covers [1]
    How distributed energy resources and dynamic pricing interact to modify residential electricity loads [1]
    How do Asian adult second language writers engage in English writing? [1]
    How do Brazil's mandated blending requirement and world crude oil price affect international markets [1]
    How do you like this comment? : persuasive effects of online comments and heuristic cues in crisis communication context [1]
    how engagement editors assess success in their community engagement efforts [1]
    How far can they go? : English language learners' math course taking in high school and school practices [1]
    How female principals nurture adult learning opportunities in successful high schools with challenging student demographics [1]
    How financial decision-making changes when a marriage ends : evidence from the 1992-2016 health and retirement study [1]