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    How the implementation of Professional Learning Communities can affect school culture [1]
    How the relationship between public health information officers and journalists can affect media agenda-building : a coorientational approach [1]
    How to use social networking sites as a tool to support Spanish language teaching for Spanish elementary levels courses at the university level [1]
    How to write like Tina and Mindy: constructing persona in female celebrity memoir [1]
    How zenith angle of cross product affects NVP feature [1]
    Hub arc selection for less-than-truckload consolidation [1]
    Human behavior understanding and intention prediction [1]
    Human factors, automation, and alerting mechanisms in nursing home electronic health records [1]
    Human fall detection using a circular audio sensor array [1]
    Human resource management practices and organizational commitment and intention to leave: the mediating role of perceived organizational support and psychological contracts [1]
    Human rights in presidential democracies : does a runoff rule reduce repression? [1]
    The human rights trade: understanding the inclusion of human rights provisions in bilateral trade agreements [1]
    Human trafficking survivors, after care services, and institutional betrayal : a qualitative perspective on the effectiveness of a victim advocacy program / [1]
    Human trust model of collision warning through pupillary and electromyography responses [1]
    Human vs. machine as message source in advertising: examining the persuasiveness of brand influencer type and the mediating role of source credibility for advertising effectiveness in social media advertising [1]
    Human-assisted self-supervised labeling of large data sets [1]
    Humanitarian frames and humanitarian soft power in Darfur : advocacy frames in a humanitarian crisis [1]
    Humor in the entrepreneurial pitch context : the effect of humor, investor regulatory focus and argument quality on pitch evaluations and funding decisions [1]
    Husbands scorned and fathers ignored : a social analysis of the Acts of Thomas [1]
    Husk softening and kernal characteristics of eastern black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) cultivars at successive harvest dates [1]