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    New consensus-based algorithms for quality assessment in protein structure prediction
    A new defense of the knowledge norm of assertion
    New equity issues, share repurchases, and the predictability of aggregate stock returns: an international perspective
    New fluorescent chemosensors for detecting lipids
    New gating states of Cystic Fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator discovered via studying pathogenic mutations, pharmacological reagents and ATP analogs.
    A new heroism: a study of the battle scenes in Lucan's Bellum Civile
    The new imagined communities : the case of Hidroituango in Columbia
    A new measure of economic voting : priority heuristic theory and combining sociotropic and egocentric evaluations
    A new method of calculating vertical motion in isentropic space
    New model of flying sidekick traveling salesman problem with a charge-station
    The new news: challenges of monetization, engagement, and protection of news organizations' online content
    New onset, recurrence, and persistence of alcohol dependence : criteria maturing out at the symptom level
    New pedestrians :
    New perspective on the role of conceptus estrogens in conceptus development, maternal recognition, and the establishment of pregnancy in pigs.
    The new portrait Deguise : social identity of the Bourgeoisie in eighteenth-century France : select works by Jean-Marc Nattier
    New slip and stress distributions hold implications for the next great earthquake in Cascadia
    New strategies in canine corneal wound healing for the veterinary ophthalmic patient
    New tool design for measuring tool displacement in milling
    News framing of accountability systems after No Child Left Behind
    News media literacy and social media usage