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    Progress in becoming established in farming [1]
    Progressive damage of multiple bolt connections in thick composite plates [1]
    The progressive development of illustrative manual arts through the elementary grades [1]
    Project ARCHES : an evaluation of a modified family check-up intervention in an assessment setting [1]
    Projectile vibration analysis of an electromagnetic launcher [1]
    Projecting corpland rental rate and asset values : using a hybrid of past approaches to harvest new estimates [1]
    A projection from the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus to the nucleus tractus solitarii is critical for cardiorespiratory responses to hypoxia [1]
    Promoting cause sponsorship on corporate web sites: perceived control of navigation, natural fit, and created fit [1]
    Pronghorn migration and resource selection in southwestern North Dakota [1]
    The pronoun of address in Schiller's dramas [1]
    The pronunciation of Missouri place-names [1]
    Prop rockery [1]
    Propagation of polarized light in skeletal muscle [1]
    Properties of adsorbed hydrogen and methane films on nanoporous solids [1]
    Properties of extruded snacks containing tomato and garlic [1]
    Properties of extruded white corn flour - high amylose corn starch puffs [1]
    Properties of frames and relationships between them with emphasis on subframes and unconditional convergence [1]
    Properties of low-dimensional systems [1]
    Proposed adjustments in the tenancy system of Missouri [1]
    A proposed scoring system for quantification of metabolic syndrome severity [1]