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    Religiosity, coping, and psychological well-being among LDS Polynesians in the U.S. [1]
    Religious involvement, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and preferences for alternative mental health settings [1]
    Religious literacy in the social work profession [1]
    Religious similarity and relationship quality [1]
    Religiousness and marital quality : a test of the relational spirituality framework [1]
    Reluctant sublime [1]
    Remaining relevant in the digital age: the role of the writer in contemporary Russia (the case of Tat'iana Tolstaia) [1]
    Remaking lives and community in the gooseless goose capital of the world [1]
    Remediating effects of human threats on lotic fish assemblages within the Missouri River basin : how effective are conservation practices [1]
    Remembering Ali : a study of print media's framing of Muhammad Ali's death [1]
    Remembering and forgetting concurrently : new benefits of high working memory span [1]
    Remembering complex objects in visual working memory [1]
    Remembering in black and white : Missouri women's memorial work 1860-1910 [1]
    Remembering Trajan in fourth-century Rome : memory and identity in spatial, artistic, and textual narratives [1]
    Rememorando la guerra civil : una relectura de las novelas historicas de Max Aub a partir de la "memoria historica" [1]
    Remobilization of leaf nitrogen in stockpiled tall fescue [1]
    Remote health monitoring for asset management [1]
    A remote sensing analysis of the grand river grasslands using sentinel-2 satellite imagery : a comparison of land-use / land-cover classifications using per-pixel and object-oriented procedures [1]
    Removal of disinfection by-product precursors by activated carbon and MIEX(R) [1]
    Removal of hexavalent chromium and sulfamethazine by green zero valent iron nanoparticles (NZVI) [1]