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    The survival and growth of shortleaf pine systems in the Missouri Ozarks : effects of competition, genetics, and site preparation [1]
    Survival of freeze-dried probiotics in soy protein powder [1]
    Survival of the preppers : an exploration into the culture of prepping [1]
    Survival, habitat use, and movement of resident and translocated greater prairie-chickens [1]
    Survivor leaders : a grounded theory inquiry into leadership practices of childhood trauma survivors [1]
    Suspicion, competence, and coping in preschool teachers' identity work [1]
    Suspicious signs : effects of newscaster scripts, symbols and actions on audience perception of news organization bias [1]
    Sustainable chemical approaches to two-dimensional nanosheets and mesoporous platforms and catalysts [1]
    A sustainable livelihood resource evaluation of communities that participated in a livestock development project a decade ago [1]
    Swaddled in white string: breaking loose from the ties of family memory in Everything is illuminated [1]
    Swimming through whiteness : exploring non-racism and anti-racism in social studies teacher education / [1]
    Switchgrass production in the central claypan region of Missouri [1]
    Switchgrass responses to manganese availability [1]
    The sword of god: Plague and episcopal authority in the Late Antique West [1]
    Sylview: a visualization system for forest management [1]
    Symbiotic or destructive? : an analysis of the metaphors about journalism in American films during the 1990s [1]
    Symbolic description in the early novels of Francois Mauriac [1]
    Symbolic play in low-income African American mother-toddler dyads : maternal behaviors and child outcomes [1]
    Sympathetic control of the collateral circulation : effects of time post-occlusion and exercise training [1]
    Symphonic requiem [1]