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    Words and rumors of words: comparative war rhetorics
    Wordsworth's theory of diction
    Work cycle efficiency for a hydrostatic machine
    Work engagement of hospitality employees: examining work stresses as antecedents and customer orientation and employee voice as outcomes
    Work hard, play hard : exploring perceptions of play in times of rigor and high accountability
    The work of the Board of public welfare of Kansas City, Missouri
    Work stock management
    Working class single mothers: performing middle class identity
    Working hard or hardly working : career-related magazine headlines and their relation to anxiety in female readers
    Working hard or working class? : Neoliberalism and working-class representation in contemporary television
    Working memory and an associative deficit
    Working memory availability and quality control in children’s production of passive sentences as novices
    Working mom and domestic dad: a content analysis of gender role constructions in women's magazines of 1961 and 2011
    A world in flux : journalistic change in science journalism
    World reclamation in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound
    A world the printers made : print culture in New York, 1783-1830
    Write on: a 50-year analysis of the role of the alternative press in three cities
    Writer of the ineffable : the paradoxical role of Annie Dillard
    "Writing down is a way of letting go": individuals using writing to return to "remembered wellness"
    Writing on the wall: late-third century urban defenses in south Languedoc