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    What were we thinking? : an analysis of Department of Defense advanced studies group theses from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom I, 1992-2002 [1]
    What would James Bond do? : signaling and precarious manhood [1]
    What's driving Chinese foreign direct investment in Latin America? [1]
    What's new? : a different way to describe innovators [1]
    What's the big deal?: the effect of corporate reforms on manufacturing productivity in Korea [1]
    What's the quality of breast cancer information you read online?: a comparative analysis of breast cancer information quality in commercial vs. nonprofit websites [1]
    What, you care? : the effective use of aversive evoking content in viral videos for advocacy group advertising [1]
    When hegemony prevails : a discourse analysis of two Korean newspapers during the 2008 financial crisis [1]
    "When people push us, it just makes us feel better" : a multi-case exploration of the tools, relationships, and contexts of near-peer mentoring for college [1]
    When response is news : individual reactions to news websites that solicit reader opinion as moderated by need for closure [1]
    When the evening comes : a novel, and And it begins like this : essays [1]
    When the lights go out, how do they turn back on? : a classic grounded theory on the transition out of the National Football League (NFL) [1]
    When theories of psychology and composition intersect : a case study of Schoenberg, Dutilleux, and Lansky [1]
    When to say when : wine and drunkenness in Roman society [1]
    When trying to return home : stories [1]
    When welfare states retrench : the relationship between median voter prferences, government debt and welfare state outcomes in established democracies [1]
    Where are the women in women's sports? : predictors of female athletes' interest in a coaching career [1]
    Where have all the mothers gone? : The liminalities of child loss in contemporary drama [1]
    Where is the L in STEM?: one teacher's integration experiences with literacy, science, and engineering [1]
    Where the dancer meets her divine: dance as religious experience in the lives of Loie Fuller and Isadora Duncan [1]