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    Creating an effective educational environment for adult learners: a qualitative, multi-case study of off-campus center administrator's use of invitational leadership
    Creation of brand equity in the Chinese clothing market
    The creation of The four million: O . Henry's influences and working methods
    Creativity and change : how experience, environment and approach to creating advertisements have evolved for copywriters
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers : do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility?
    The credible brand model: the effects of ideological congruency and customer-based brand equity on media and message credibility
    Crime against the body : an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news
    Crime in the city : understanding geospatial relationships among crime and the urban landscape
    Criminal behavior patterns of adolescents and young adults who have histories of sexual offenses
    The criminalization of tattooing in Oklahoma: an application of Clegg's circuits of power
    The crisis autobiography: Augustine, Rousseau, and Wordsworth
    Crisis communication : corporate social responsibility in Organizational Renewal Theory
    Crisis, conflict, and consumption: case studies of the politics and culture of neoliberalization in urban responses to global economic transformations
    Crisis, government performance and support for democracy
    Criteria identified by selected Missouri high school choral directors for placement of concert repertoire in concert order
    Critical analysis and evaluation of different automata processing accelerators on large-scale datasets
    A critical approach to academic, community, and family literacies of first-generation college students in Latin America
    Critical pluralism: a new approach to religious diversity
    A critical review of the theory of education in Plato's Republic
    Critical study of parallel programming frameworks for distributed applications